dinsdag, april 10, 2007

Walk in the parc

I am having such a great day today! I woke up at 8.30 am totally rested! Got up, took a shower and went to the supermarket on my bike to do a whole lot of groceries. All good and healthy food and fruits yummie! I made myself a smoothie first and then took a walk in the parc behind my house. I took my camera with me and enjoyed the sun. Now it's all clowdy and it looks like it is going to rain!
I have been very busy scrapping loads last weekend! I can't show it just yet, but I will soon! I am making a mini album for my mum so can't show it here!

2 opmerkingen:

*Fauve* zei

Beautiful pictures,looks like you had a great walk!

Scrappy Mies zei

Wat een prachtige foto is die eerste, echt sprookjesachtig. Wat een geluk dat je bij zo'n park woont! Dat wilde ik even kwijt!