woensdag, april 25, 2007


Good morning to all!!
Wow I have been so inspired and energetic, it is almost tiring! What happened.
Well opportunities are around the corner and both Igor and I need to work hard to
use them and take them, so we are, it is mostly on creative side and I love that! We are making sketches/designs for airbrushassignments. We need to do a kermitfrog on the hood of a car, 2 vespa scooters (and probably a third) a oxygentank for a diver, a helmet and we will be trying out making canvasses. I have some cool ideas for t-shirts too but first things first, the scooters! So not much scrapping is being done here!

I've been tagged by Fauve
I have to tell 7 random/weird things about myself and then tag 7 more people!
So here we go....

1) I love love love scented candles! I burn them a whole lot and fresh laundry and herbs are my favorite or coffee smells good to and cinnamonrolls as well hmmmm I guess a whole lot will do except for the awfully sweet (and nausiating) smell of strawberries.
2) I love aboriginal art! (I sketches a lizard kind of like that way)
3) I am a sucker for guys with long hair! (love you igor!)
4) I love tickles on my back (and massages ofcourse) it makes me feel so relaxed and yummy!
5) I am a jealous person, but in a good way! Yes that also excists! I am jealous of people who can do things that I can't and really want to!
6) I love walking on bear feet! Especially at the lawn or on moss, it's so soft and tickely!!!
7) I can't resist chunky monkey ice cream of ben and jerries (can anyone?)

Here are 7 people I tag: Hilde Lynn Nienke Kruimel Sabine Sheila Sonja

3 opmerkingen:

paula/ kruimel zei

Jeetje wat een gave tekening... enne bedankt voor het taggen .......... ik zal er even over na denken 7 gekke dingen hmmm

Eeffie zei

That lizards looks great! Congrats on your airbrush assignment!

Nienke zei

Ik zie dat je me getagd hebt. Ik ga erover nadenken en dan zet ik mijn 7 gekke dingen op mijn blog.