vrijdag, oktober 26, 2007

order from the us came in!

This time my paypal account wouldn't coop so it took a little longer but finally a few days ago my order came in! Here some pics!

woensdag, oktober 24, 2007

not much

to tell you! I did little scrapping over the last few days as my shoulders and neck are killing me! (Muscle-tension- headaches)so I am not around my scraproom nor computer a lot. I have been writing and watching tv and being a good housewife! (for as long as I am keeping this up ;-))
Here is a lo I made for a competition I entered but I didn't win so I can show it here now. 3 more competitions I entered but they will not decide before the end of this month.

Hmm let's see what else? Oh my iron blew up on me this morning! So I just had to order a new one! A pink one, so great! It will be delivered tomorrow. This is the first time I am looking forward to doing some ironing! Can you imagine?
Also got some cool scrapstuff from the states, lovely crystals from prima marketing! Love it!!!! Will show them soon!
I am off again bye bye!

zaterdag, oktober 13, 2007


Hello hello!
I just have to show you what I bought yesterday at paper and pictures It was a very long time ago I went there as I used to go on fridaynight but they aren't open anymore that night, too bad :-( Anyway... I had to go to a docters appointment and the news was great so this was my present! Don't you just LOVE the new Prima flowers! There were so many I could hardly choose! I did a lot of serious scrapping but haven't made any pics yet but they will follow soon! Off again to do some scrapping!!! (click to enlarge pictures!)

dinsdag, oktober 09, 2007

New lo

Hi guys (ok sorry...girls!)

Here's a new lo I made a few days ago but was too lazy to photograph it! It's another lo for the workshop Finding Me. Just 1 more and I am back on track! Will do that before saturday as we will receive our new assignment then again!

zaterdag, oktober 06, 2007

Thank you!

to those who have send me emails, you know who you are!.
Quite a few people have asked me if I am ok, what happened (red line in previous post). I don't think this is the right place explain what happened so I will keep it in general.

Every once in a great while someone crosses your path you really feel a click with. I am a person who will do anything to help this person and maintain a friendship. Every once in a while this goes wrong, it can be various reasons. This time it was the reason that my advice was not appreciated, it was taken as critisism. I got to see the true nature and was accused of many things that weren't true. This has hurt me a great deal, especially after all we did for them but then I decided that it wasn't worth it apparently and this was another lesson for me to learn. I did what was best for them, and for me, helped them, if that's a sin, throw me in jail and throw away the key! Again I have learned a very valuable lesson and I am greatfull for that! I came out stronger, put things in perspective and moved on. I am fine now, I really am, at peace and still wish this person all the best, as she really needs it.
Thanks again for the support over the past few days!

donderdag, oktober 04, 2007

Workshoplo's and swaps

Here are 2 lo's I made for a workshop from Corinne Delis, called Finding You. I am still 2 lo's behind now so I will focus on that the upcoming days so I am all caught up next week! I have put the journaling behind the picture of the second lo by the way.

This is a lo I made for Eldi, for a photoswap september at scrapfever

This is a lo Mariska made for me for that same photoswap. It's so much fun swapping photo's and getting totally different lo's back! Hope we will keep this up for a long time!!!

*part of this message is deleted due to particular behavior of a person*

woensdag, oktober 03, 2007

loads of pics

So today I finished a mini-book about our visite to the Zoo last month. I really like how it turned out, not exactly what I wanted but it's ok for me! It's a booklet they made at craft tv weekly last week. Don't you just love those little shows? Well I do anyway. Now I am working on LO's for the workshop of Corinne Delis which is hard to do but again very therapeutic. Tomorrow I will place some lo's from swaps I did, great fun too!!!