woensdag, oktober 24, 2007

not much

to tell you! I did little scrapping over the last few days as my shoulders and neck are killing me! (Muscle-tension- headaches)so I am not around my scraproom nor computer a lot. I have been writing and watching tv and being a good housewife! (for as long as I am keeping this up ;-))
Here is a lo I made for a competition I entered but I didn't win so I can show it here now. 3 more competitions I entered but they will not decide before the end of this month.

Hmm let's see what else? Oh my iron blew up on me this morning! So I just had to order a new one! A pink one, so great! It will be delivered tomorrow. This is the first time I am looking forward to doing some ironing! Can you imagine?
Also got some cool scrapstuff from the states, lovely crystals from prima marketing! Love it!!!! Will show them soon!
I am off again bye bye!

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Majootje zei

Meis, wat een mooie LO weer!!!

Je bent lekker bezig de laatste tijd volgens mij. En hou dat nog even vol he? Met al die kerst challenges?! haha