zaterdag, juni 23, 2007

A bit sick

hi peeps,
sorry for not blogging but I feel like crap at the moment! I have a stomachflu I think. Last Tuesday and wednesday I spend painting all day, the fence and the bedroom but wednesday at 4.30 when I stopped for the day I felt ill. I got high fever that only raised during the night, I can't remember anything of that night but it must have been horror if I may believe Igor.
Now I still have cramps like crazy and visit the toilet way to often so no pics or scraps to show you, hope to be back on a role soon again

2 opmerkingen:

Nic zei

Get well soom sweety 'cause I miss you very boel veel!!! XXX

hilde zei

van harte beterschap meid!! snel opknappen hè?!