donderdag, maart 22, 2007

Spring in the air

Today the weather has been so kind on us here but I didn't really enjoyed it much. I've been in the garden for about 20 minutes tops and then I went inside again. I was in a scrapping mood so had to take advantage of it ofcourse! I had some nice ideas but some I couldn't do due to insufficient scrapping materials. Too bad, another reason to order more new stuff!!!! I am running out of paper (well almost that is) so I made a LO with left overs which I really like how it turned out!
The LO I talked about yesterday, for the contest... well had some left-overs as well so used them to make another page similar to the on in the contest, now you may guess which LO I lifted?! (the person who made the original probably will know!)

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lekker he.. het voorjaar :) groetjes Tamara